Fox26 and Randy Wallace don’t help dads by publishing lies.


December 20, 2011 by houstondads

Latest On Dying Father’s Court Fight To See Daughters.

First, having sat through this court session yesterday, I must say that my heart goes out to Bob Zach for his illness.  Bob spent the day listening to hours of testimony reliving his alcohol addiction, history of abuse as a father, and being reminded why his visitation and custody had been taken from him due to drinking and driving with his children.  Bob is immobile in a wheelchair and reliant on a breathing apparatus due to his fight with ALS.  ALS is one of the worst diseases because of how quickly it renders it’s victims immobile and completely dependent on medical care to live.

However, I sat in the same courtroom as Fox26’s Randy Wallace and I am truly shocked at the content of his “investigative report” and his wrongful attack of mom, Kelly Brantley.

Randy Wallace, do you have a fee schedule to write these slanderous and inaccurate articles or do you just do it for clients of Ms. Julia Maldonado?

Your shoddy reporting makes me truly question your ethics.  You failed to report that the judge made an identical ruling in favor of mom.  Also, Ms. Maldonado asked for extended custody (Thurs-Mon), but you lied and reported that dad was only asking for 4 hours every other week.  You did not report that dad’s representative for picking up the girls has a felony record, though you could’ve looked it up at this link:  I found your felony by typing “Randy” in the “first name” box and “Wallace” in the “last name” box.

The judge just ruled.  Good luck reporting on it, because all your lies are now exposed.  At some point, you’ll need to report the truth:  Mom has been looking out for the best interests of her children.  Bob was found in contempt for not supporting his children and Bob’s current wife, Katy Zach, is now court-ordered to attend classes to learn to be a positive step-parent.


4 thoughts on “Fox26 and Randy Wallace don’t help dads by publishing lies.

  1. houstondads says:

    As of this morning, neither Randy Wallace nor Fox 26 have taken any action to retract the erroneous articles. Kelly Brantley has been undeservedly villified for 6 months. The judge in this case agreed with the parenting plan that Kelly proposed and put further stipulations on Katy Zach in order for Bob Zach to resume visitation. In the end, the judge ensured that the outcome was in the best interests of the children and disregarded any motions aimed solely to hurt Kelly and her children.

    Randy Wallace, your silence is deafening. While you continue to cower behind your journalist protections, give some thoughts to whether you’ll continue to be the lapdog for spiteful attorneys like Julia Maldonado. A simple apology and retraction of your slanderous articles would go a long way to proving that you’re actually a reporter.

  2. […] her qualifications are that she is a Latina and she was a soccer mom.  Having witnessed her shady tactics in the courtroom, I can honestly say that she is not a student of the law and should not be deciding appellate […]

  3. Randy Wallace says:

    i don’t have a felony and you apparently don’t have a life

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